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Netchex Online Tagline
Netchex’s recruiting tool, NetRecruiter, gives hotel owners the ability to monitor the hiring process across their properties. Top management can guide the recruitment and interview process by providing specific required criteria for vetting candidates. They can also require answers to certain interview questions, giving GM’s and managers a consistent framework to evaluate candidates. GM’s and senior management can also pull reports to see the distribution and success of their recruitment budget and drill-down to understand their cost-per-hire.
Once a candidate has been hired, all their information gets transferred to the Netchex system with the click of a button. There’s no need to enter their demographic information twice. With NetGuide, hotels can automatically assign their new hire onboarding tasks, such as filling in their I-9, W4, and State Tax Forms. Employees can complete the forms electronically from their smart phone, tablet, or computer prior to their start date. GM’s can also create a list of tasks new hires need to perform before their first day, and push it out to their locations. Tasks can be optional or required, and the system will alert the new employee and their manager if something is missing.
With M3 Time Management, hotel operators can manage their largest expense with ease. The system allows managers to easily monitor daily labor costs with features like attendance tracking utilizing biometrics and exclusive labor management reporting. Easily design custom reports to manage hours and overtime. All while overseeing daily payroll transactions in real-time through PC and wall-mounted touch screens.
Netchex gives the hospitality industry a resource to turn to for everything from selecting a benefits broker to applying for worker tax credits. Netchex handles tax filing and tax compliance needs including electronic IRS filing, pay withdrawals, quarterly tax statements, W-2 previews, and more. Netchex’s system also helps ensure your properties are always in compliance with government regulations. Netchex monitors compliance around the clock and provides updates when regulations change.
Through the Netchex + M3 partnership, hotels have access to a seamless, intuitive interface that allows them access to labor analytics they can take action on. The customizable platform is available in multiple languages and provides metrics such as performance tracking and proactive analysis and decision making tools. GM’s can make smarter staffing decisions with access to accurately forecasted labor budgets. With Netchex and M3 your entire organization can operate more efficiently with the tools needed to monitor and reduce labor costs.